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Gramin Uthaan Bharat Nirman - National Centre for Rural Development | सशक्त गाॅव से सशक्त भारत


Gramin Uthaan – Bharat Nirman is a registered non profit organization, and is a society under the society Registration Act XXI of 1860 No S/45217/2003 dated 29 Jan 2003 registered at Govt of NCT of Delhi.


National Centre for Rural Development under the aegis of “Gramin Uthaan - Bharat Nirman” has been established at Railway Station Jatusana to address the Problems of people from all walks of life. Special efforts have been made to accommodate the problems/issues/prayers of old & young, Male or female irrespective of caste, creed and religious. Gramin Uthaan - Bharat Nirman has been working for rural development since 2001 and covered some parts of Haryana, Rajasthan & Delhi. The funds for the NGO are arranged from the volunteer donations by the directors of Skylark Group of companies and no funding so far has been done by any other organization.


Reach out to needy people in remote areas in order to be of some help in resolving their personal problems related to Education, Employment, Health, Social issues and help in availing govt. schemes designed from time to time for them by Govt. of India or Govt. of Haryana both.


Make available information through trained volunteers on issues where govt. agencies do not have access and resources. We need to open such centers in the interiors to enable to avail the opportunities knocking at their doors, but the lack of information, infrastructure & support are the impediments in availing those facilities by . People staying in rural areas. Mission and goals of Gramin Uthaan- Bharat Nirman are mentioned below :-

  • To develop the villages and contribute to empower youth and underprivileged members of society.
  • Social awareness and social development.
  • Explore avenues for employment for the rural youths. Provide literature containing importance on employment and employment opportunities available.
  • Organise rallies, meetings and nukkad sabha to eradicate the social evils such as, dowry system and addiction to alcohol.
  • Help in Providing safe drinking water in remote villages.
  • To protect ethnic culture of Haryana, Rajasthan and Delhi.
  • Creation of health facilities. Liaise with state government for expansion of govt dispensaries. Organise medical camps for health check up and treatment to patients and to provide primary medical aid door to door through mobile clinics.
  • Improvement of educational facilities in the villages.
  • Establishment of coaching centers at village level to provide free coaching for under-privileged youths, War widows and their children.
  • To bring out a comprehensive career guidance book, dealing with all subjects and job opportunities. One book is already out & revised edition in Hindi & English is being published for free distribution.
  • To create a committed team of workers at village level to achieve the goals set by the NGO.
  • Establish computer lab to provide free IT training and help India in digital programme.
  • Organise rallies to honour War widows, Gallentry awarded soldiers, renowned sportsmen and distinguished professionals.
  • Organise motivation lectures in schools & colleges.
  • Help ex-servicemen for their second carrier.
  • Help war widows/Ex-servicemen in getting their issues settled related to their pension.
  • Scholarship to poor and meritorious students.


The Gramin Uthaan – Bharat Nirman was launched on 07 May 2001. The founder of this NGO is Dr TC Rao, Veteran who took voluntary retirement from Army in year 2000. Presently the NGO is working in Haryana and Delhi and now spreading its wings in UP & Rajasthan.


Fundamental aim is to reach people in rural areas and to extend innovative support in the field of education, health, employement, sports, women empowerment, agriculture and fight against social evils like dowry and alcohol in an effective way with the help of like minded professionals.


Presently it is carrying on its mission in the state of Haryana & Delhi. The ultimate aim is to give coverage to states in North India. Presently it is not funded by any aiding agency, It is founded by Dr TC Rao & other member of Skylark Security Group. If fund situation improves, the NGO will provide coverage to Punjab, Rajasthan and UP also.


Major achievements of Gramin Uthaan – Bharat Nirman are as under :-

  • Organised 28 medical camps and blood donation camps where 34200 persons under went free health and medical checkup.
  • Organised 587 meetings to eradicate social evil. 2,85,360, persons attended meetings.
  • Free computer and IT training to 1745 children.
  • Free coaching class to prepare candidates for competitive exams 2,693 candidates attended the classes.
  • Scholarship to students of 15 school of Mahendergarh and 37 school of Rewari Districts.
  • Organised meetings and rallies to honour renowned teachers and renowned sportsmen, War Widows, Gallant Soldiers and renowned social workers.
  • Financial assistance to 638 War widows for marriage of their daughters
  • Help ex-servicemen for their rehabilitation and getting jobs
  • Took up case with government of India for one rank one pension with lot of struggle and achieved the aim for Personnel Below Officers Rank (PBOR) in 2012 & in 2015 for all Ranks.
  • Organised motivation lecturers and meetings in 255 schools and Colleges to motivate and inspire youth. 1,25,000 students participated and benefited so far.
  • Helping ex-servicemen in getting pension from banks and government treasury in case if they get into any difficulty.
  • Providing legal assistance to employees of private companies.
  • To provide monetary grant and assistance to promote Sports.
  • Beatification and renaming of Ranzangla Chowk at Gurgaon, Narnaul and Rewari in the memory of those who laid down their lives at Razangla battle field in 1962.
  • Helping the children of martyrs for their educational Growth.
  • Career counseling & guidance to school & college Students.
  • Distributed blankets to needy persons of Delhi & Haryana on various occasions every year on 30 Dec & 26 Jan.
  • Gathering of Ex-Servicemen at India Gate to pay homage to Kargil War Heros and Vijay Diwas continuously for 10 Years..
  • Gathering of War Widows, Ex-Servicemen & public of Delhi Cantt at Gopi Nath Bazar Delhi Cantt on 31 Oct 2010 in remembrance of late Smt Indira Gandhi. On this occasion War Widows were honoured with shawls and other presents.
  • Gramin Uthaan-Bharat Nirman alongwith BSES Rajdhani organized a function on 14 Jan 2011 at Kranti Chowk, Sadar Bazar, Delhi Cantt for the distribution of blankets & woolen garments to poor needy people of Delhi Cantt.
  • Provided career counseling to approx 1,25,000 students so far by covering 255 schools and 45 colleges.


As per requirement, furniture has been placed in both the rooms. Two Computer, one heavy duty Printer/Photocopier, Scanner and other items as per requirement have been provided. One Landline Telephone, Two Mobile Nos. have also been made available. Stationary including Registers & other items like photocopy papers etc have adequately been stocked.


Since supply of Electricity in rural areas is very less 2 KVA Solar Power Unit has been installed to ensure round the clock uninterrupted power supply to enable the staff and the user sit and work during day & sometime upto late hours.


Provisions for Security & Safety have been taken seriously and full proof arrangements have been made. The Verandah has been covered by Iron wire net from all sides to avoid any fall, keeping in view the office’s location on first floor. Three CCTV Cameras have been installed with a DVR for 30 days recording retention to ensure transparency and security of Female staff and users. All efforts have been made to ensure safety & security of staff as well as the users. The CCTV cameras will be connected to Head Office in Delhi & Gurgaon, from where all the activities will be monitored.


Office timings from Wednesday to Monday would be from 09 AM to 6 PM. The office will remain closed on every Tuesday. However, seminars, career counseling and medical camps will only be conducted on Sundays so that maximum people can attend and avail benefit.


Adequate books covering on various competitions have been placed in Almirahs numbering 200, as recommended by experts. (list enclosed as appendix “C”). Information on latest competition including schedule & syllabus have also been looked in-to and the same have been arranged. More books would also be added on the recommendation/suggestion of users from time to time. Books covering Spirituality, Yoga, Cookery, Homeopathy, Aryevedic and medical treat meet at home have also been kept for readers.


One Hindi & one English daily newspapers have been subscribed alongwith 10 periodicals monthly & employment news (weekly) as recommended by expert committee, are also being subscribed for the readers and for aspirants of competitive examination (list enclosed as appendix – “D”). However based on the feedback from the readers/users more magazines would also be added keeping in view the utility of the magazines.


In order to have experts from different fields, various cells have been created to meet the requirement arising out of the objectives set by our organization. Empanelment of Volunteers and eminent personalities from various fields is going on. The centre will have the following Development Cells/Wings:-
(a) Teachers
(b) Sports Cell
(c) Ex-servicemen
(d) Medical/Health cell
(e) Women
(f) Budhijeevi
(g) Youths
(h) Farmers & Majdoors
(i) Panchayati Raj
Charter of duties of different wings including job descriptions have been prepared for their guidance. However, based on the experience from day today work, the points in charter of duty/Job description will be added/deleted from time to time.


In order to improve the quality of services and further addition of new chapters or expansion of the existing infrastructure to accommodate increased load of work and services periodical meetings have been proposed. Core Members/ Head of Cells will meet once a quarter to review the ongoing projects. Executive Members will meet every six months to oversee all the services and their utility. General body meeting of all members will be conducted once in a year to take stock of all the activities carried out during last Years & suggestion for road map for the next year to be prepared. However, obtaining feedback from the users will be a continuous process.


Arrangements for coaching will also be made when the numbers of candidate for a particular examination are five or more. Volunteer, Teachers, who have been empanelled with us, will conduct the classes as per the syllabus of the competitive examination as prepared by the experts. Nominal fee will be charged from the candidates to meet the expenditure to be incurred on stationary & photocopies.


Serving mankind is like serving God. This has been the essence behind opening of centre for rural development. The country is moving very fast towards development and we need to ensure that our rural areas should not lag behind. This centre has specially designed, based on the needs of the young & the old. Emphasis has been given on quality education for getting quality job. Efforts have been made to address all the ills of our society through group of like minded people, who have gathered to make a benchmark in the society. It depends how the common masses take this initiative and make use of the services available.


We have also made provisions for Doctor to devote one day for free Medical aid to people including issuing of generic medicines. The day will be decided on the recommendation of users so that maximum people can get benefit of the medical services. Keeping in view the Non-availability of specialized medical services for weaker section of society, specially BPL families we would try to have medical camps conducted every three months where in services of all Major specialists from reputed Private Hospitals will be made available. Blood donation camps will also be organized on auspicious days like 2nd October, Gandhi Jayanti, 15 Aug or 26 Jan. Donating blood is a yeoman service to the mankind & habit of blood donation will be inculcated in our youth.